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Googl Plus

Google Plus

Google announced in January that Google+ (G+) would be included in their organic search engine results rankings under the Search Plus Your World program. This action has given online business a chance to improve their organic rankings by taking advantage of this program. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals understand that more and more internet users are participating in many of Google’s products, and are seizing this opportunity to help businesses improve their online marketing presence.

Now let’s get started improving your businesses search engine results placement (SERP) by learning how Google+ can help optimize your SEO program.

Open a Google+ Page

Opening a Google+ page is very simple. Begin by setting up a Google+ page for yourself. The process is much like Facebook, asking that you complete a profile. You can also add photos or videos, other profiles, pages you contribute to and pages of interest. Once your profile is set up, Google+ gives you the ability to create a page for your business. It also allows multiple users to administer this page.

Include as Many People as Possible in Circles

Google+ Circles

Add as many people in your circles as possible, and believe it or not, it is also beneficial to include people in the same industry. People can be added to individual or multiple circles. Google provides a tool that helps you add people to circles easily. You can find interesting people and even send invites. Create circles for those you are following, friends and competitors. There is no limit on the number of circles you can create.

Don’t forget to promote your Google+ page on all your marketing materials as well as in your email correspondence.

Add Keywords to Your Google+ Page

The best way to incorporate keywords into your Google+ page is organically to improve search engine results. This can by done through posting. For example…If you are a nail salon, consider writing a post that includes your company name as well as the keyword “manicure” or products that you sell. It is important to keep followers interested. In order to do this, include graphics, pictures and even videos.

Google+ features “Sparks”. This tool automatically loads articles and videos onto your stream. By setting up keyword searches in Sparks, you can easily see what others are talking about. This will help you atain ideas for future posts.

Start a Hangout

Google+ differs from Facebook in this one area. It allows users to “hangout” with people in their circles. It’s basically your own little on line chat room. This is a great opportunity for business to connect with their customers and improve search engine results. Start a hangout and learn of our customers likes, dislike, expectations and needs. They are a great resource for the next big thing!

Space is limited at this time, but I wouldn’t doubt that the number of visitors allowed in a hangout will increase over time.

Incorporate the +1 Button

Google +1The +1 button is similar to the Facebook Like button. If you find articles or videos that are of interest to you, +1 it. This action will improve your image or logo in search engine results.

Starting a Google+ page is not guaranteed to improve search engine results,  however it certainly is beneficial. With over 100 million users and the integration of Google’s products, Google+ should be part of any internet marketing campaign.

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